Saturday, 4 January 2014

Exhibition 2014 Canary Wharf London

                          Exhibition  ''Movements of Canary Wharf'' 2014 January 4th 2014 *
                                            By Artist and Designer Saulius Ginetas

                                Canary Wharf Shopping Center  | Canada Place  E14 5AH

                                  Window Gallery Canada walk next to   ''Hotel Chocolat''

                                                           '' Lots of shapes, just Different angle,
                                                                 Moving,rushing, passing.
                                                              Different day, but same direction.
                                                              Different time, but same reflection.

                                                                   Movements is our expression ''

                          Exhibition is already open !!
   This exhibition is very important for  me..also it's very valuable ..Because in this exhibition i give away to you not just image ,you have opportunities not just see  Good art but most important you have opportunities take some of my time ...In Canary Wharf i spend 70% of my weekly  Time ..and today I  pleased to share  it with you through this Exhibition !!

                                                                                Move forward express yourself ..
                                                                        No limits ,no rules just Expression !!

                                                                                                Saulius Ginetas 

                                                                          *   For any enquiries contact with me 



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