Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Unique expression

  Move forward and express
  Yourself !

 Today I got unusual  experience ...

My idea was to create art work  with help of 15 or more peoples  from street.
I start next to National gallery in Trafalgar square .Peoples were friendly and happy to help  for this project.

I decorated my  canvas so everyone can leave their mark on it .I asked them to make simple mark on my canvas which is symbol ,letter,or any other brush mark.

  I have to admit  I'm proud of result on my canvas i got marks from Korea,Newyork, Germany,France,Italy,China...Street artist ,Painter,salesman ,gallery assistant ,Photographers ,tourists left their marks on my Canvas.

This way I created unique piece of art with lot's of different expression.also i not just created something special i  let others be part of this event.

 I'm artist i doing a lot's art  so today i decided that i need some help , then i end up with this idea.

Eventually on my canvas i got 39 different marks from different peoples.This experience was very exciting because every person left part of them ,on my canvas and now i can share this with everybody!
 Different peoples different expression..

 Move forward and express


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