Monday, 4 May 2015

The book ''Movements of Canary Wharf'' By Saulius Ginetas

Hello Everyone !!

Today I'm pleased to present to everyone my new book -'' Movements of Canary Wharf''

  For two  years I was working in such a inspirational Place  to me- ''Canary Wharf London ''
 This Place is full of art and movements .During the lunch time it's like motorway just without traffic lights and speed limits.
Movements are not restricted by any can move freely towards coffee shop or towards success.

During those two years I created photography .drawings ,digital art,exhibition Posters related with Canary Wharf .
 In this place I had several exhibitions.
Therefore, I feel duty to put  up all artworks together and show  to everyone how inspirational this place is!

  This   Book is now available on amazon

  Thanks for your time .

  Saulius Ginetas


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